About GHAR


The Greater Hartford Association of REALTORS® (GHAR) is your ally. We are here to help our members capitalize on the latest industry information, education and connections.

GHAR is largest local real estate trade association in Connecticut, serving over 4000 members in the 27 town Greater Hartford real estate brokerage community. The Association provides technology, training, networking and business support to members, and supports a healthy real estate market by upholding high professional and ethical standards through a Code of Ethics, ongoing education and certification programs. As the advocate for the real estate brokerage industry, GHAR is the Voice for Real Estate® in the Greater Hartford region.  

GHAR Centennial (1920-2020)

This year, 2020, is the centennial year for GHAR! Our board meeting minutes from 1920 (yes, we still have them!) reveal that we held a few of our meetings at The Hartford Club, which still stands today. 

(Postcard photo courtesy of the Connecticut Historical Society)

GHAR Bylaws 

Bylaws are a set of legal rules and guidelines that make possible the most effective governance of our association.

GHAR Bylaws (Amended November 19, 2020)
Bylaws Sections Related to Designated REALTOR® Dues
    Article X, Section 2 of the Association's Bylaws and Article VI, section 16 of the Association's Bylaws.
Leave of Absence Policy
Leave of Absence Request
Conflict of Interest Policy
Harassment Policy
Whistleblower Policy