GHAR 2019 Membership Renewal
We look forward to providing you with even more education, support, events, and tools for you to be successful in 2019! It's important to us that you get the help and support you need from an association that is relevant, available, and knowledgeable. We appreciate your membership and look forward to serving you in the year ahead! Here is a list of all your current benefits from GHAR, CTR, and NAR. Be sure to take advantage of us!

The GHAR 2019 membership renewal was due on January 1, 2019To avoid a $30 reinstatement fee and suspension, payment must be received by 5pm on January 31, 2019. Please make your payment via the "My Outstanding Invoices" link in Internet Member Services. Instructions are on your individual bill.

If you have any questions, please call Member Services at 860-561-1800. Thank you for your membership.
Crumbling Foundations - Insurance Requirements
2019 Legal Awareness Committee Chair, Joanne Breen, discusses the Concrete Advisory forms update
To qualify for claims under the CT Foundations Solutions Indemnity Company, Inc., residential buildings purchased on or after February 1, 2019, must complete a visual inspection or test by a licensed engineer prior to time of purchase. For more information:

REVISED FORM: The CTR Concrete Combined Advisory and Disclosure form has been revised! View a highlighted version of the form showing the changes.
2018 Year End Professional Standards Report
The GHAR Ombudsman Program continues to be effective. Considering GHAR membership is a healthy 4,000+, we received only 12 written ethics complaints and 2 Keybox complaints. There were no arbitration requests filed in 2018. That is up slightly from last year where we had only 8 ethics complaints filed and no Keybox complaints or arbitration requests. Read the full report.

The Professional Standards Committee is busy working on ways to ease the complaint process, which includes a new Citation Policy that was recently adopted by the GHAR Board of Directors.
Mandatory CE Classes at GHAR
Friday, January 18th, 9am to 12pm
Instructor Rhonda Ivey-Lentini will walk you through this 3 credit mandatory CE.
Friday January 18th, 1pm-4pm
Instructor Rhonda Ivey-Lentini will walk you through this 3 credit mandatory CE.
FREE CE Classes at GHAR - $5 Charitable Donation
The following CE classes are free with a $5 donation to the GHAR Foundation!
January 31st, 9am to 12pm: Home Inspection Standards of Practice with Dave Sherwood. 3 elective CE Credits!
March 21st, 9am to 12pm: Smart Agents, Smart Clients with Lauren Egan. 3 elective CE Credits. Course includes compliance, Matrix and other products, Homesnap Pro. Including, Contact Manager/Search/Integrated Tax, Stats/Market Reports and More!
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February 15: CT Real Estate Agency Law Review & Fair Housing - Part I,II
March 1, 9am: Adapting to Shifting Communication Styles
March 8, 9am: Rentals: Rules of the Road
March 22: CT Real Estate Agency Law Review & Fair Housing - Part I,II