Expanding Housing Opportunities 1008

Join instructor Rhonda Ivey-Lentini as she guides you through Expanding Housing Opportunities on Tuesday, October 8th from 9 am to 12 pm at our new GHAR office - 430 New Park Avenue in Hartford.

Expanding Housing Opportunities, A Vital Tool For Todays’ Economy!

NAR Elective CE for the 2018-2020 cycle, 3 hour CE

Expanding Housing Opportunities (EHO) is a 3-hour education course developed by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). The course is designed to help real estate professionals understand affordable housing issues and their role in increasing housing opportunities.

The class is designed to educate students on the range of affordable housing opportunities and clients seeking them; increase students’ knowledge and understanding of how affordability impacts the housing market, their clients, their business, and their community; help students analyze affordable financing options through credible lenders, including local, state, federal, and non-profit assistance programs for buyers and renters; and teach students how to better leverage partnerships and resources to expand housing opportunities through workforce housing initiatives, green building concepts, and advocacy to benefit the student, their clients, and their communities.

The class is designed for an audience of real estate professionals, including real estate brokers and owners.

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