REALTOR® of the Year Award

The REALTOR® of the Year Award is an honor bestowed upon a REALTOR® by their peers at the local level. The award recognizes a REALTOR® for meritorious contributions to the advancement of their profession and the real estate community at large. Nomination deadline: July 30th, 2021



  • Recognize outstanding REALTOR® members of our Association for the effort and work expended in the interest of their fellow REALTORS®, their profession, and the real estate community at large
  • Demonstrate the outstanding work done by REALTORS® to the general public
  • Identify those REALTORS® best suited for leadership positions; and foster a spirit of camaraderie among those who are in a position to do much of the productive work in local associations, the state association, and the national association
  • To encourage members further involvement in professionalism and volunteer leadership service
  • To encourage other members to contribute time and energy to qualify for this award
  • To raise the profile of recipients as leaders in the organization and the community


All REALTOR® Members holding primary membership with GHAR and who have served in volunteer leadership roles (i.e. Committees/Task Forces) with GHAR for a minimum of 2 years are eligible for nomination.

Basis for Selection

ACTIVITY IN LOCAL, STATE AND NATIONAL REALTOR® ASSOCIATIONS (50%) –committee work, special assignments, seminar activity and education work, membership and offices held in local chapters of institutes, RPAC contribution, etc.
REALTOR® PROFESSIONALISM (30%) – High principles, faithfulness to laws and regulations of the state of CT, professional competence and adherence to the NAR Code of Ethics and Bylaws of the Greater Hartford Association of REALTORS®, and furtherance of principles of good real estate practice among other brokers and the general public.
BUSINESS ACCOMPLISHMENTS (15%) – Service to clients, cooperative spirit toward and reputation amongst fellow REALTORS®, public recognition of business conduct, and is actively engaged in the day to day business of real estate brokerage.
ACTIVITY IN CIVIC AFFAIRS (5%) – Local, state, and national participation in civic and service club, charitable activities, political commissions, fraternal or religious groups.

Application/Selection Procedure

  1. Nominations shall be submitted by the applicant to GHAR.
  2. Each year, the President will appoint a committee to review all nominations and make the final selection for the REALTOR® of the Year Award. The Committee will be chaired by the previous year’s recipient and shall include no more than five members (the chair plus four additional members).
  3. The award will be presented to the best-qualified candidate and the individual will be honored at the Annual Holiday and Appreciation Party and may be recognized at the CT REALTORS® Leadership Conference.


All nominations must be received at GHAR by July 30, 2021. Any application received after the deadline will be ineligible for consideration. 2021 NOMINATION FORM 

Email nominations to
Or print and send Nomination Forms to:
REALTOR® of the Year Committee, GHAR
430 New Park Avenue, Ste. 202
Hartford, CT 06106

Past Award Recipients

Year Recipient Year Recipient
1973 Edward Taddei 1992 Steve Hrubala
1974 Vera Daves 1993 Bob Durato
1975 Joseph Stafford 2013 Linda St. Peter
1976 Peter Janes 2014 Mike Tracy
1978 David Bowman 2015 Bing Lantz
1980 Nort Virgien 2016 Carol Presutti
1981 Robert Kennedy Jr 2017 Dan Keune
1982 Bob Wallace 2018 Joanne Breen
1983 William Peace 2019 Carl Lantz
1984 Carol Hurwit 2020 Joyce Epstein
1985 Bruce Cagenello 2021 ???
1986 Peter Gutterman    
1987 Joseph Stafford    
1988 James Demund    
1989 Robert Kennedy Jr    
1990 Orrin Whitney    
1991 Barbara Brenneman