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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

GHAR does not currently collect or retransmit any personal identifying information (Personal Information) through our website, except as follows:

  • Information that GHAR’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides to GHAR: (a) automatically, such as a user’s Internet address and possibly the user’s e-mail address, and (b) as part of reports or other information for the purpose of monitoring, evaluating, and enhancing access to and usage of the website. In such cases, such information may include Personal Information as part of a report. Such information is not retransmitted to any person or entity outside of GHAR, other than for the purpose of utilizing such information to enhance or modify GHAR’s web pages and its services.
  • Information that a user sends by an e-mail message.
  • Information that a user submits through a search request or form within the website.

GHAR reserves the right to use Personal Information, and other information obtained from users of the website, for its own proper purposes, but will not sell to or exchange with third parties such Personal Information.

You acknowledge and agree that any e-mail sent to GHAR may not be secure, especially if it is unsolicited. If you choose to send e-mail to GHAR, you agree that GHAR may retain all or a portion of the content of such e-mail, including your e-mail address, and that all such information and material will be the property of the GHAR.

GHAR does not currently use Cookies on the website. It reserves the right, however, to use them in the future, without prior notice other than a modification of this policy statement.