Professional Standards Report

GHAR follows the National Association REALTORS® Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual when it comes to professional standards. If you wish to file an ethics complaint, have a commission dispute that needs to be arbitrated or mediated, or have any questions about our professional standards program, please contact Shelley Devanney, Director of Executive Services, at 860-561-1800 ext. 1009 or email.

Professional Standards Case Report

3Q - 2019 YTD

Ethics Arbitration KeyBox Total
Cases Carried Over from 2018 3     3
Cases received 10  1    11
Cases Dismissed by Grievance or Transferred 3  1     4 
Cases Withdrawn  2        2
Cases held in Abeyance pending other proceedings         0
Cases Pending 8      8
Cases eligible for the Citation Policy 1      1
Cases where Citations were issued 1      1
Cases where Citations were paid in lieu of hearing        
Cases where a hearing was requested in lieu of paying Citation 1     1
Hearings where no violations found         0 
Hearings where violations found  1        1 
Cases that went to Mediation  2       2
Mediations that were successful         0 
Mediations that were unsuccessful 2      2
Arbitration award went to Complainant         0 
Arbitration award went to Respondent         0 
Ethics Complaints filed by members      5
Ethics Complaints filed by public      5
Which Articles of COE violated 16     
Sanctions imposed (Combined): Letter of Warning