eKEY / Lockbox Service

eKEY Authorization Code Feature

You can request an authorization code from within the eKEY app which is useful if you are moving your eKEY service to a new phone.

Obtain an authorization code from Mobile SupraWEB:

  1. On your smartphone, navigate to supraweb.suprakim.com. If the eKEY app is installed, you may also select the SupraWEB icon.
  2. Enter your key serial number, PIN, and select your association/MLS from the dropdown list.
  3. Select Login.
  4. Select Authorization Code. The authorization code is emailed to your email address on file with your association/MLS.


Obtain an authorization code from SupraWEB:

  1. Go to supraekey.com.
  2. Select Login to SupraWEB.
  3. Login to SupraWEB. First-time login requires registering and setting up a user ID and password, entering your key serial number, PIN, and selecting your association/MLS.
  4. Select Authorization Code. The authorization code is displayed and is also emailed to your email address on file with your association/MLS.

Authorize eKEY App:

The easiest way to enter the authorization code into the eKEY app is to open the email on your smartphone and click on link. This opens the eKEY app and automatically enters the authorization code for you. Otherwise, manually enter the authorization code.

Tip! The authorization code for the current eKEY app is a 10-digit alphanumeric code containing the letters A through Z and the numbers 2 through 7. If the character looks like an O, it is the letter O and not a zero, and if it looks like an I, it is the letter I and not the number 1.

    1.  Open the eKEY application.
    2. Tap Activate eKEY.
    3. Enter the authorization code.

eKEY Resources

Please visit the eKEY Resources page for support, guides, the eKey User Manual and how-to videos.

Obtain an eKEY or Keybox

To Obtain an eKEY or Keybox:

  • GHAR membership (or other REALTOR® Association) investment must be paid in full and the REALTOR® is required to pay the required (pro-rated monthly) user fee.
  • Adhere to the KeyBox Service Rules.
  • Complete the eKEY Software Sub-Lease/License Agreement.
  • Contact the Member Services department to schedule an appointment to obtain an eKEY and receive training.

If a broker or agent is currently a member of a REALTOR® Association such as Mid-State or Tri-County, they are not required to become a member of the Greater Hartford Association of REALTORS® in order to obtain MLS or eKEY access. However, GHAR needs a letter in good standing from the broker's REALTOR® association.

In addition, please submit the required Supra eKEY Service fees and the agreement above. 


  • Bluetooth iBox - annual lease is $35 for each box or to purchase for $110 each.
  • eKEY - $25 for the activation fee + Key service fee.

If you have any questions, please call Member Services at 860.561.1800 or email us.