Ways to improve professionalism

What Was Jane Thinking? 

REALTOR® Jane Jones encouraged the owner of her new listing to sign a “Withhold from MLS” form that would keep it off the market for a couple of weeks. She was hoping to sell it to her own buyer. Sometimes she uses “Coming Soon” the same way and shows property to her own buyers prior to the activation date. Have you ever done this?

Jane was thinking she could make more money. 

What Jane missed: Withhold from MLS

For Withhold from MLS, no agent can be denied an opportunity to show the property. That amounts to:

  1. Telling buyers they have no right to hire buyer agents, which interferes with agency relationships
  2. It goes against public policy and reduces competition, which could yield a higher price for the seller


What Jane missed: Coming Soon status

The intent of the Coming Soon status is to allow the listing agent to market the property before it is ready to be shown.  Under NO circumstances can exceptions be made to show the property prior to the activation date in the MLS, nor can the activation date, once chosen, be moved to an earlier date.

Holding listings off the MLS should be for reasons beneficial to the seller NOT to the listing agent.

Professionalism tip: Don't be like Jane. An agent cannot encourage a seller to keep the property off the market in order to increase the chances of a double commission, nor should an agent encourage a seller to sign an agreement with that intent.