Holly Callanan, CEO

  •  Public relations questions, Board of Directors, association strategic planning, state and national association inquiries.

860.561.1800 x1000  |  » Email Holly Callanan

Leslie Damon, Director of Finance

  • Any overall audit questions, financials, Foundation inquiries, tax identification

860.561.1800 x1001  |  » Email Leslie Damon

Shelley Devanney, Director of Executive Services

  • Legal forms questions/committee, professional standards, ethics questions, Gates scholarship applications, West Region Committee, Grievance Committee, Holiday & Volunteer Appreciation Party

860.561.1800 x1009  |  » Email Shelley Devanney

Christian Disbrow, Director of Information Technology

  • Website inquiries, website advertising, technology consultant information

860.561.1800 x1004  |  » Email Christian Disbrow

David Hall, Accounting Assistant

  • Payment processing, auto payment, and billings

860.561.1800 x1002  |  » Email David Hall

Keara Langston, Communications Director

  • Public relations, advertising, interview requests, photos, website content, social media info, Community Involvement Committee, and the Young Professionals Network

860.561.1800 x1003  |  » Email Keara Langston

Gina Micelotta, Member Services Director

  • CE inquiries, eKey, Affiliate membership, Affinity Discount programs, Lunch & Learn Seminars, Member services/benefits, Northeast Region Committee, Commercial membership (CT Commercial Real Estate Alliance)

860.561.1800 x1005  |  » Email Gina Micelotta

Nancy Stickles, Member Services Manager

  • Membership applications, membership changes/transfers, eKey questions, affiliate membership, rosters, mailing lists, orientation program

860.561.1800 x1008  |  » Email Nancy Stickles

Takenya Tinsley, Association Services Coordinator

Education, membership, eKey questions, events, hard-copy forms, supply center, certificates

860.561.1800 x1006  |  » Email Takenya Tinsley